I Listened To The Destined Kids #ItChangedMyLife

By Peace Olanrewaju
It wasn’t just me, there were lot of kids who really enjoyed listening to “THE DESTINED KIDS”. We would call them “destiny kids”. They were the pioneer ‘children musicians’ and also, the most popular band with very young members.                                         I was just a kid ‘coming up those stairs’ and like most of my peers, I always wanted someone to buy me their CDs. I can remember my mum asking my brother to get me their CD, alongside a Christmas CD – against his wish, I guess. It’s possible he didn’t understand why I needed it, ko le ye won.
It brought excitement to see children of my age doing something that gradually sparked a flame inside of me. Maybe when others listened to them, they became happy. I was different, I wasn’t just happy, I got inspired, I got motivated.
At that time, I was discovering my talent. Their songs helped me savour every bit of my “discovery”. I would pick a song of theirs and use the title or the concept to compose mine. I used to wonder if their life was so beautiful that they lacked nothing. Sometimes, I wondered how they felt dancing in front of the camera. Weren’t they shy? Could I do the same? I doubted that I could.  I imagined, I dreamt, I longed for it, I wished, I wished and I wished to be like them till I got over them and moved on but I never let go of that treasure I had found. They were the motivation behind a lot of songs I wrote back then. Beautiful songs that sound childish now. I just laugh at myself when I recall them.
However, things have changed, I’m a teenager now. I’m Peace Olans and I clock 17 today. I know better. I write songs, I sing them, I engage in warm-ups. I sing Beyonce’s “Listen” over and over again to see if my voice can beat hers. I learn everyday to be contented with my own voice. It’s a process I still undergo.
I’m still a fan of “The destined kids” and I’ll always appreciate what they’ve done for me. They’re still making music, it’s something I’m sure of but I don’t listen to them anymore because as I grow older, I discover new artists who inspire me. I follow one of them on Instagram but I’ve never thanked her for what she and her family did for me. It may or may not count.
These days, I listen to Blanca and other artists, they are my new muse. I appreciate upcoming artists, I pursue my dreams in my own little way but I will never forget the zeal the Destined Kids ignited in me. It’s something that’ll stay aglow through moments of doubts.
I feel really happy to share my heart with you and let you know that everything you do counts. When you hear that still small voice telling you to do something, do it! Let someone beautiful write something beautiful about you someday.

P.S. Today is Peace’s birthday, be a darling and drop her a birthday wish. Gracias.

4 thoughts on “I Listened To The Destined Kids #ItChangedMyLife

  1. I can really recall those days now…

    She was really inspired not just because of her piece, though the piece reminded me of “Peace’s” inspiration. Don’t mind me… never studied beyond use of English GST101…

    I’m really inspired by your piece dearie…
    Wishing you a blissful, peaceful, graceful and merciful years ahead…
    see you @ the Zenith.

    Happy Birthday To You.

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