Photoshop #ItChangedMyLife

By Oluwafemi PhemieMichael Iranloye

A picture says a thousand words… this is true
A picture does not lie!
Good. Now that we have established those facts, let’s proceed

I’m an art person.
I’ve always been into some form of visual art or the other. I can remember vividly how happy I would get whenever I got a set of markers or watercolour when I was in primary school. I used to draw a whole lot.
I even started a company with two of my friends, Opeyemi Daniel and Dimeji Faworaja when we were in Primary 4. The whole aim, vision and mission statement of the ‘company’, OpFeDim as we called it, was to make cards or drawings for our classmates whenever their birthdays came up.
We ended up employing the entire class. No jokes. We drew up I.D cards for everybody and once you misplace yours, you’re automatically fired. One of our friends, however misplaced her card. I will withhold the name of this friend, as many of you might know her, so Tolulope Aramide Fawole, don’t worry, you’re safe.
Seeing that all three of us had a crush on her at the time, we had that rule amended.
I was born into a computer family, so I started using the software ‘Paint’ as early as I can remember. We progressed… from paint to other software whose names I can’t remember then to CorelDraw.
It was all really fun… until one day like that, some friends and I went to this photo studio and I saw this guy taking pimples out of people’s faces on their computer. I was so excited. I mean, Abimbola Dairo’s face became smooth!!!
I started asking questions. I wanted to know more, but the guy basically told me to stop disturbing him. All I had to do was look for the name of the software. It was *drumroll please* Photoshop!!!
I looked for and found the installation disc for it (Photoshop 7, really archaic) went home that same day and installed it. I had a 10mp sony camera that was a really big deal at the time, so I took pictures of my brother, Damilola and worked some trial and error magic on it. Till this day, I’m proud of that design.
Brothers and sisters, come and help me praise the Lord!!!
Oh, in case you were still wondering how Photoshop has changed my life, I say with tears of Joy in my eyes that it was only because of Photoshop that I got to marry the woman of my dreams, as evident in the picture below.
In case you didn’t notice, that’s Gabrielle Union, Gabby booboo as I call her. We agreed she could keep her last name, cos you know, 21st century. Don’t we make such a cute and happy couple?
P.S: graphic designer guy at quintessence that sent me away, I’m still looking for you.

11 thoughts on “Photoshop #ItChangedMyLife

  1. Looooooooooolllllllllllllll, this got me laughing really hard. But you are a very talented and creative somebody sha. I want to learn o, do you do trainings?

    1. Thank you very much. And I’m glad you had a good laugh. I can die a happy man now.
      I do trainings, but mostly one-to-one for now

  2. The Bimbo pimpled face part got me laughing….Lol!. You are really blessed to have some thing so beautiful change your life. It’s an inspiring write up and I totally enjoyed it. Well done Phemie…continue to grow, man!

  3. So he said he wanted to write about PHOTOSHOP but he could only see pictures. Mr. how did you manage to cook up this very interesting read? Anyways..on a more serious note “Phemie” is a very talented young man, I have great respect for you and the things you do. You just have a way of flogging mediocrity out without even saying a word and just because I know you find it annoying I will still say it sha, God bless your hands and artistic self “Phemie Michaels”(yeah! Said it!).

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