Love Came #ItChangedMyLife

By Moyo Oloruntoyin

Love changed me. I know you have heard it so many times it has become trite. Love has probably changed you too. That’s who Love is. As we all know change is not easy so yeah sometimes Love can be a brute. Oh! Forget what 1 Corinthians 13 says, Love is a brute. Love will always get the job done (1 Corinthians 13:8 ) and sometimes, in some people that requires the ‘I no be gentleman at all’ approach. Where Love’s sweet caress didn’t get you to budge, she could as well knock the winds out of you and drag you all the way to Nirvana.
Love changed me. It is exactly what you think, then also it is not.
Before Love
When I was little, the devil came. It was either my sister or I. It took me and I hated my sister for it! It was no fault of hers but even knowing that I hated her still. Perhaps hate was the only way to abide the devil’s hand, but long after the devil was gone the hate remained. Not as though I was blatant in my loathing but it was apparent in the little things; needless cruelty in our sibling rivalry, gelid detachment when I had to relate with her. I recall a particular incident, she was finishing up an assignment as I walked by I could see she got a lot of answers wrong and I kept on walking.
At First Sight
I can never forget the day Love came. It was a Thursday afternoon. Mother had just put to bed. I can’t remember how we got to the hospital but I do remember the nurse on duty. It was Nurse Wa gba abeere (Her answer to everything was injection! -_-)
As we walked towards the maternity ward, I dragged my feet, my thoughts were all about, as I tried to rein them in I realized I was in a dither and I wondered why. I already knew it would be a girl (Long story but you can already tell I had evil genius potential) but apparently foresight is not enough to still a fretting heart. Nurse WaGbaAbeere opened the door, my sister ran past me to Mother and I just stopped and stared. Mother was already dressed and ready to go. She looked up at me and said “Won’t you come and meet your baby sister?”. I said nothing, I moved forward and Mother placed Love in my fragile hands. She was wrapped in a fluffy white cotton blanket and I suddenly realized how unclean my hands were, all the filthy places they had been. My hands trembled, Love opened her eyes and I could see. Even as tears blurred my vision, I could see. I could see that no matter how haunting the darkness it is no reason not to let in the light. I could see it didn’t matter what had happened or why, all that mattered was what I did. I could see it was okay to cry if I wanted to. Love smiled and shut her eyes. So I cried and held Love close.
That night as we sat at dinner, I gave my sister my piece of chicken. Everyone wondered if I had a fever.
The Journey So Far
Change is a journey. A very unexpected journey as many Nigerians would attest. My journey with Love has been filled with many such profound moments as the day we first met. Every good that I’ve done is a reflection of Love and the bad would be much worse if it weren’t for her. Love was God’s healing hands on my broken heart. Love changed me and changes me still.
Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister, Love Oloruntoyin Morolake. It’s been 11 amazing years and you still make all the stupid love songs make sense. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Love Came #ItChangedMyLife

  1. Awwww, Moyo I love this, not like I didn’t think I would , my trailer load of wahala has found a new bus stop ☺

  2. That was really cute nd amazing….i didn’t knw where this was going till I got to the middle…..Happy birthday to Love….great work Mr.Moyo

  3. Oh my God…you make me wish I was love and I never wish I would be anything to you Moyo….
    This is so beautiful!

  4. The way Moyo writes, reading along is like clutching the mane of a raging stallion in full sprint. You don’t wanna let go; its like your very existence depends on the next line. Superb work partner. Happy Birthday to our lil Sis. God bless y’all.

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