Dear Me #LettersOfTheHeart

Hey ME!
Siting at my desk on this bright and cheerful day, I can’t but think about you
Funny, one might say. Laughable even! Because you are me twenty years from now.
But this I say, every word as precious as the glimpse of a comet on a starry night
I may have given birth to you but your shadow itself outshines me
I cannot fully comprehend your beauty, for it is far beyond the physical
It defies nature’s laws in that it has come with age, glowing fiercely as it mounts
It radiates with every person you give hope
With every smile that grows brighter because they have met you
Your selfless, kind and caring heart are your biggest traits and many have sought to share in the wisdom glimpsed from your passionately spoken words
You are a force to reckon with and I would have been foolish not to see it, prepare and nurture you
You amaze me with your strength of character and amuse me with you relentless humor
Integrity and honor are important to you and you teach also of the power in humility and diligence
You remind me very often of the different shades of grace and I am beyond grateful for the person you have become
Neither the scars of the past or the fear of the future have marred your delicate heart
Instead you have stood strong and tall in the face of adversity; you shunned it, knowing of a truth that what didn’t break you can only make you stronger
Your name is testimony and you are a giver of hope to your generation
I would certainly have loved to tell you that I was exclusively responsible for all you have become but I very well know the truth: you were carefully woven and spun by the I AM
He made you possible and put pillars to stand beside you as your husband, children, mentors and friends on this challenging yet very fulfilling journey
I love you genuinely and neither time nor event can dispute that

From a heart bursting at the seams with love and hope
Yours Always,
P.S. I expect you to surpass every dream and expectation I have of you

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