7 Things I’d Consider Before Asking Seyi Shay To Marry Me

Before we get started, I have to make two things clear.

  1. This article is not really about Seyi Shay.
  2. In spite of what you may believe, I have a shot with Seyi Shay.

Now we have those clear, let’s move on.

Seyi Shay like most superstars of her caliber are considered the most eligible bachelorettes any guy could have. This may be right for a lot of guys but maybe not every guy. Maybe not Lord Josh. It’s not a slam dunk, I’ll still have to consider a lot.

Here are 7 things I’d consider before giving Seyi the ring.


seyi shay physical





Money, fame, a ‘sexy’ body, Seyi’s got them all. (Right?) For a music lover like myself, she will be awesome. All I need to do is get home and I’m sure to get some original nice music. She’s fine too. Sweet! I want to be physically attracted to whoever I marry, I want see her and nod proudly – that’s my wife. I want us to fit. She doesn’t have to be very rich or famous but if she is, that’s very cool too. These stuff are great for chemistry which is important. But it’s just one thing.







Can I connect with Seyi Shay intellectually? Are our minds on the same plane? If you think it’s not important how minds connect, imagine having a conversation with your friends and your wife is lost. She doesn’t get the jokes, she doesn’t get sarcasm, you’re always re-explaining stuff to her, it gets tiring. It’s not about how many degrees she has, it’s just about how developed her mind is. If your minds don’t connect, it’s only a matter of time before one of you is left behind.


seyi shay biz





So right now, Seyi Shay is more out there than I am (might explain why some of you think I don’t have a chance). But a time will come when I will be known across nations of the world. Is Seyi the person I want on my arm at that time? Can she grow to become that person? So maybe I want to become a pastor or the president. Can she be a pastor’s wife or a first lady? If I can’t picture a lady in my future, she can’t be Lady Josh in the present. Remember, marriage isn’t just for the now.


seyi shay family





Let’s assume Seyi Shay is 1000 yards of wife material, that would be awesome but is she 1000 yards of mother material? I have to remember that whoever I marry becomes mother to my kids. She becomes daughter in-law to my parents, sister in-law to my siblings, ‘friend in-law’ to my boys and grandmother to my grandkids. That’s a whole lot of people I’m deciding for. Ultimately, I’m deciding for me but my decision will affect a whole of lives. This has to be done right.







Will I look great on a red carpet with Seyi Shay? Definitely! But here’s the thing, I don’t want the smiles to end in front of the cameras. It’s important to be friends – very close friends with my lady. After a long day of making deals, making movies and making money it is very important to be able to come home and have a great time. I need a companion, some to discuss the outcome of my business deals with. Someone to discuss potential employee hiring and firing with. Someone to rant about Liverpool to and celebrate trophies with. (God help me with this one.) I need someone with whom together we will always win at JACKPOT. If Seyi can be my friend, she has a shot at been Lady Josh.


seyi shay pray





I left the best for last. Do Seyi Shay and I believe the same things? Does she believe in Salvation by grace through faith is Jesus? Does she believe in the Holy Spirit and being led by Him? Will she accept the bible as the ultimate? She has the right to her beliefs as I do mine but for us to be Lord and Lady Josh, those beliefs have to be in sync. Does she believe in the ‘no return’ policy of marriage or does she believe that like your iPhone, you can get a new one every year? Can I trust her to pray and praise with me in tough times? Will she raise the kids to be godly? This is the real deal maker or breaker.

So, Miss Seyi Shay, becoming Mrs Lady Josh isn’t that tough. If you think you’re up for it, send me a mail at josh@lordjoshwrites.com.

P.S. Did you know that Seyi Shay’s real name is Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua? Coincidence?

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