WELCOME TO lordjoshwrites.com

It began in the month of October when the idea of running a November series came to mind. It matured and came to life as each day of November passed. It culminated in a vital lesson – I am not the only one who loves to write.

And thus this site was birthed.

The #30DaysOfNovember series was an eye opener. A lot of people have lots of stories. A lot of people want to write but they need someone to ask them to.  A lot of people need a platform to present their thoughts.

lordjoshwrites.com is thus a readers’ site as well as a writers’ site.

We will make this a story hub. A place where you find great entertainment and inspiration. A place where you are not restricted to being a writer or a reader. From time to time, we will run series featuring you – the people of lordjoshwrites.com. Some will be in ilk of the November series, others will be plain entertainment.

Got a story you think should feature here? Or do you have an idea for a series? Send a mail to josh@lordjoshwrites.com.

To start off the writing, I present









It is a series of Christmas love stories. I will be writing the twelve episodes of this series starting on the 3rd of December.

Please subscribe to get notifications when each episode comes up.

Do you have a Christmas story? Are you willing to share it? Send it to me at josh@lordjoshwrites.com and it could get featured.


Great things happen when great minds come together. Thank you for joining in the start of this amazing journey.

Welcome to lordjoshwrites.com. You will find a lot of pleasure here.

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