#30DaysOfNovember As We Saw It

You never know sometimes what you can or cannot do until you try it. That’s the story of the #30DaysOfNovember series. So I don’t ramble and make this too long, I’ll go straight to the lessons I learnt from this series.

  1. Listen to people, you cannot always do it on your own.

I love to write and I was so excited about writing 30 episodes all by myself. Looking back now, I know I would have enjoyed it but it could not have been this successful. It was while discussing with PhemieMichael, my MVP graphic artist (and the dude who wrote about girls) that he gave me the awesome idea of involving other people. I don’t know how many times I’ve thanked him for that awesome idea and it’s not enough yet. Listen to people, sometimes you are not as smart as you think.

  1. Sometimes you don’t need the big Sun, you just need beautiful little stars.

I was fortunate to have some established and known writers write on this series but they weren’t the ones who made the series great. They were simply threads in the wonderful tapestry that was the November series. The best movies are not necessarily the ones that star the stars. All you need is a collection of awesome friends and you can do anything.

  1. You can do way more than you think.

Some of the writers on this series were writing for the first time. Or publishing their writing for the first time. (One even asked for anonymity. LOL.) But there was no poor write-up because as long as you’re not trying to be Chinua Achebe and you are writing what you know, you too can write. And this doesn’t just apply to writing. You can do a lot more than you think. (On my new website, there will be several opportunities to write. Please don’t shy away.)

  1. Jollof-rice is not as popular as you think and not everybody wants a BellaNaija wedding.

Everybody has an opinion and even when it is not the conventional one, it is good that you stand by your convictions. Maybe you don’t even know what your convictions are, then you might need to run a series for yourself. “My conviction as I see it.” If you don’t know what you believe, you will just run with the crowd, usually into a ditch.


  1. Everything changes.

Change is constant, the important thing is realizing the time to make the changes. I have blogged on lordjosh.wordpress.com since June 2013 and it’s been an awesome experience but 2015 appears to be the year of Change (Sai Baba…or not). As from tomorrow I’ll cease to blog here and move to my website www.lordjoshwrites.com. I’m making a commitment to put a great article up at least once every day. (See why I need a lot of writers?) It will be a lot of work but real change only comes when you put in the effort to effect the change. (I’m starting to sound like Obama J )

Thanks to everyone who read this series or any other story on this blog, I appreciate you and hope to see you on lordjoshwrites.com tomorrow.  I’ll like to hear from you. What series will you like to write for? What do you think we need to write about? Use the comment section and let’s make this a great bowing out for this blog.

Before I go, I want to say thank you to

Daniel Otabor, Michael Ipinyomi, Victoria Akinwande, Okiki Oladele, Tomi Adesina, Tomi Olakunle, Priscilla Adeboye, Mayowa Gidado, Oreoluwa Abidoye, Jemima Ojapa, Doyin Kugbiyi, Adekunle Adedoyin, Oluwatodimu Jolayemi, Timileyin Ologunde, Patience Lawal, Dolapo Adeniregun, Modupe Fadipe, Sogo Owolabi, Queen Oset, Bukola Omotoso, Bolanle Olosunde, Ife Adeoti-Adeagbo, Emeka Nobis, Femi Iranloye, Damilola Iranloye, Inyene Akpan and Seun Salami.

I sincerely apologise to those who sent me articles that ended up not being featured. I promise they are not slighted or wasted. They will be published.

Thanks for reading #30DaysOfNovember and lordjosh.wordpress.com

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