BEAUTY AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

By Tomi Olakunle

Beauty to me is not in the highest cheekbones or the smallest lips. It’s in the eyes that smiles, the hands that reach out expecting nothing back. It’s in the sound of the violin. The swish swash of the pool. It’s in the bird that sings by the window sills. The chip chirp of the hen next door.

Beauty to me goes beyond the surface. It’s deeper than the ocean. It’s in the ability to wear a particular outfit and make the world swoon at you. It’s in wearing a jeans and a tee, and looking like you’re worth a million bucks. It’s in wearing your dad’s t-shirt and looking cooler than the coolest thing on the block. It’s in creating your own style, so you could be recognised even without a face.

Beauty to me is not about having everything planned out. It’s about running a brush through your hair and still looking cool even without looking at the mirror.

Beauty to me is not something that should only be seen by others. It’s in every word you speak. Every thought you think, every step you take.

Beauty to me comes from within, that way you can really see everyone is BEAUTIFUL!

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